More than anything I believe in the good that is inside of us all.  I think the People of Kentucky are sick and tired of being told that someone is coming to fix their problems but nothing changes. My sole focus will be creating policies that give the average Kentuckian the chance to help their community without having to wait or depend on a government agency to do it for them.  I want to empower the People with real opportunities to work together to solve our problems.
  • Job Creation - For too long, outside interests have come into our state to make fortunes off of the backs of hardworking Kentuckians. I say enough is enough. Our people are smart, good, ready, and willing to make the change happen here. I will support our state's entrepreneurs and investors to create jobs by Kentuckians for Kentuckians.

  • Clean Energy Manufacturing - I guarantee that we can build it better here.  With global demand for wind and solar energy systems on the rise every year there is no reason Kentucky can't lead the way in manufacturing these products.

  • Industrial Hemp - Hemp can be used to make paper, cosmetics, clothing, and many other products. We can't keep waiting around to expand and invest in this industry, we can't keep waiting around to expand and invest in this industry. Let's get this done together.

  • Indoor Agriculture - As traditional food systems around the world continue to see distress, our district has one of the United States' first industrial indoor greenhouses creating hundreds of jobs and changing the way we grow food.  Let's build on this momentum and help bring food production into the future together.

  • Gun Rights - I believe our founding fathers made it very clear where our country is supposed to fall on gun rights.
  • Public Pensions - Did you know that many elected representatives draw multiple state pensions from your tax dollars?  This must end immediately and forever.  Public service is a service to the People, not a retirement plan.
  • Term Limits - I'll be fought every step of the way but I'll pursue term limits for all elected officials in Kentucky.  Politics shouldn't be a career.
    • Senators - Two terms for a total of eight years.
    • Representatives - Three terms for a total of six years.
  •  For the People - Kentucky State Senators are allotted an additional $60,000 a year for per diem, my plan is to use these resources to have an office with posted hours and an open-door policy in every county I serve.  Shouldn't that be the standard and why is that something new?
  • Public/Private Partnerships - The resources and powers of government can be used to accomplish great things, but it doesn't do a good job managing those projects or maintaining them.  Public/Private partnerships (done well) can create a lot of good.
  • Preserve the Affordable Care Act - Kentuckians far and wide have been able to enjoy the benefits of Medicaid when it was expanded.  Although the system needs work still, I don't think this is something that should be taken away.​

  • Expanded Telehealth - Rural Kentuckians stand to benefit most from telehealth services.  I want to make sure our rural hospitals get the equipment they need to deliver these services as well as staffing to show people how to use the services.  Telehealth removes the barrier of transportation and access to care and helps enable high-quality doctors to deliver services in areas without these healthcare providers.

  • Rural Hospital Support - Did you know many rural hospitals constantly face the threat of bankruptcy?  I want to make sure that our rural hospitals can build better, more streamlined relationships with health departments to reduce the costs and workloads for both. This will also include rotating nurse staff for all schools in the state of Kentucky to ensure each school has a nurse on duty.

  • Affordable Housing - While many of us are busy managing mortgages there are thousands of Kentuckians struggling to pay the rent.  I will work tirelessly to expand the capacities of Kentucky's existing affordable housing infrastructure to promote homeownership as well as create legitimate pathways off public assistance for those who need it.

  • Elder Care - Communities across the nation are coming up with creative, heartfelt, community-based programs that help older citizens stay in their homes through simple modifications often constructed with the help of friends and neighbors.

  • Recovery Housing - Did you know that Kentucky has the best addiction treatment networks in the country?  My plan is to use public/private partnerships to provide the necessary tools for people completing a treatment program to maintain their recovery and avoid returning to use through Recovery Housing.

Opioid Crisis
  • Addiction is a Disease - Thousands of Kentuckians die every year from a drug overdose.  After forty years of trying to jail our way out of this problem its worse today than it ever was.  We know treatment works and people can get well.

  • Reentry Programs - After the criminal justice system takes someone away, pegs them with a criminal record that prevents them from getting a job, and doesn't treat their disease, they are then expected to reenter society and 'be good'.  Without appropriate supportive programs, we'll never break the cycle.

  • ​The Public Pension Crisis - I will work toward a balanced solution to meet the needs of all Kentuckians.  This can't be an 'all or nothing' issue, we need to meet each other in the middle to find an answer to this problem.

  • Mental Health Services - With thousands of kids living without their parents we need meaningful approaches to help ensure their success.

  • Workforce Development - High School can do so much more than deliver a diploma that meets the requirements of a standardized test. Schools within Kentucky, such as Fleming County High School, have already found easily repeated programs that meet this need.

  • Public Universities - I will create purposeful systems that ensure the dollars we invest in our public universities go toward researching and solving Kentucky's issues by developing effective partnerships with local governments, small bussinesses, non-profits, and churches.

  • Farm to School - Kentucky has a proud agricultural heritage and production, yet we feed our children over-processed foods through expensive contracts with foodservice companies.  I want to create pathways for our children to enjoy the healthy foods grown in their own communities.

  • Fresh Food Partnerships - Our local grocers throw away millions of pounds of unsold produce every year.  Churches, non-profits, homeless shelters, food pantries, and schools could make so much better use of this healthy food but senseless regulations and fear of lawsuits constantly prevent people from doing the good that we could and should be doing.

  • Kentucky Proud - Our state has done an amazing job building the Kentucky Proud branding and labeling.  I want to build on that momentum by continuing to grow that system and ensuring that not only is our food local, but our economies are too.

  • Solar - Last year, Frankfort made it more difficult for Kentuckians to make their own energy. Through this legislation, Kentuckians lost while Big Energy profited. I will restore the net metering standard for homeowners who want to invest in solar energy solutions.

  • Rural Energy Cooperatives - We're blessed to have these unique providers in our communities.  I want to empower these agencies to be innovative and creative by giving them the freedom to create energy-saving programs as well as maintenance or install rooftop solar systems in their service areas.

  • Jobs - From indoor agriculture to manufacturing, the clean-energy future has the potential to create thousands of high-paying jobs.  I'll make sure Kentucky doesn't keep missing out on these opportunities.

Justice Reform
  • County Jail Money Pits - One of the biggest drains on public resources in Kentucky is the State and County jails.  By investing in addiction treatment we can help save our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, and grandkids instead of giving them permanent convictions that end their futures and don't actually solve any problems.

  • Meaningful Community Policing - No Kentuckian should fear their law enforcement friends.  I will work to bring back the days when police were a part of our communities, helping us solve problems and maintain safety and order instead of acting as soldiers.

  • Decriminalize Marijuana - The People have to reach a consensus on recreational versus medical marijuana, but throwing away millions in tax revenue while spending millions to criminalize it just doesn't make sense.

Mental Health
  • Decriminalize Mental Illness - Children and adults in a mental health crisis shouldn't be confronted by law enforcement.  They need help, not punishment.  Even the best officer will tell you that this isn't a job they're trained to do.

  • School-Based Services - Suicide rates for children are on the rise nationally as well as incidents of violence at school.  Most children in Kentucky don't have access to mental health services at school or anywhere else, and without the needed treatments often fall into violence, addiction, or depression.

  • Workforce Shortages - Every year hundreds of high paying jobs in these fields go unfilled across the state, especially in rural areas.  I would help incentivize filling these gaps.